Doppels - An app which brings people together based on their shared birthday.
Vision and work
- “Doppels” is designed as a platform for young people to have fun, interact, and find meaningful connection.
The objective is to keep it simple, elegant and fun to use, while providing to the user as much features possible to enhance their experience.

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So after setting the goals I got to work, Designing an interface and create a platform that is exciting, neat, and easy to navigate.

Screen design and icon, Choosing an icon for any app is a crucial step, especially for a social app since this will eventually be our emblem across the internet, it really needs to stand out there.
For those reasons I chose a blue five-pointed star, giving it a unique design tweak, such an icon is easy recognizable and memorable.

Hover over the screens to see it getting to life...

Wire-framing and Prototype, Each screen is carefully and thoughtfully curated, with a focus on a design that is fun to look at and effortlessly comprehensible.

On the main feed, each screen features a person who is celebrating their birthday today. Users have a choice whether to wish them, send them a gift, or pass to the next celebrant.

With all the screens prepared, we launched it live as a prototype, and after being satisfied with the prototype it was sent to development.

Click the "Prototype" button for a fully functional prototype, where you can have a closer look at my work.