JV Realty Group

JV Realty Group


JV Realty Group - a boutique brokerage firm which provides its clients with a variety of consulting. professional and financial help.
Vision and work - After constructive discussions with the firm we decided to build a website presenting the variety of services and opportunities the company offers, together with samples of recent projects .Such a website should also provide a comprehensive platform for direct contact between them and clients, and present a list of the company's team of professionals.  

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Logo Design and Branding

We started off with branding, and i designed a logo for the firm which should fit the theme of the field they are in.
By designing the logo i was looking for the right elements that would best represent a  NY based investing firm.
The simplistic yet powerful logo represents solidity, stability, and trust. Qualities investors look for in such a company.

CMS - Sales Table

As a new firm JV wants to show to website visitors their credentials, and help them get reference to recent customers.
So we created a neat list of all recent projects, each address hyperlinked to google maps, with the date and price of sale.
This table can be edited and updated easily by the client.

Recent Sales
239 Brooklyn ave
Nov 21, 2017
429 Rutland Rd
Oct 30, 2017
104 Pioneer St
Oct 17, 2017
437 Rutland Rd
Oct 1, 2017
2201 Glenwood rd
Sep 12, 2017
174 Monroe St
Sep 6, 2017
45 Wolcott St
Aug 18, 2017
481 Chauncey St
Jul 20, 2017
171A Copper st
Jul 19, 2017
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The web design which keeps all the pages afloat on a beautiful background lets the visitors see everything in just a glance, and gives the website a clean yet vibrant look.
A visit to website gives the visitor a brief introduction to the world of boutique investment, and the advantages of using the services offered by JV.

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