Ski Club Adventures

Ski Club Adventures


Kosher sky club - offers a unique ski vacation package, tailored especially to those who adhere the rules of eating kosher.
Vision and work - The website is for promotional and practical use, the customers can check out the location, amenities, process and make a booking.

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Lightbox - Photo Albums

The website seeks to present to its visitors the Alp snow mountains in all its glory, while promoting the lavish culinary experience offered by the “KSC”.

As an enthusiastic traveler myself, I know what information I would like to get from such kind of website, travelers like to see photos, and get as much information as possible, so they can get a clear sense of what they get.

Presenting all photo albums in this Lightbox way keeps the page neat and clean, with the perfect experience of click to reveal the full desired album and navigating between the photos.

Photo Gallery
Chalet Princesse
Our Rooms
The Resort

Reviews and Plugins

I created a website which features a few beautiful pictures albums where they can see the vacationing site and ski facilities in the area, and the culinary experience offered to the guest.

The website serves at the same time both, as a promotional website, but also very useful for immediate booking, and an embedded window for TripAdvisor allows visitors to see reviews without leaving the site.