Perfect Auto Mall

Perfect Auto Mall


Perfect Auto Mall - a successful auto sales and leasing company based in Brooklyn.
Vision and work - As a company that offers many different services we want each service to shine and get its place.
Purchasing a new car can be confusing and stressful enough, so i focused on designing a site that should be minimalistic and simple and extra easy to navigate.

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CMS and Content Editor

After my work is done it is the customer who needs to keep up and maintaining the site, especially a website for a market where prices change daily, and there is always new deals and sales.

So i put an extra focus to make the website easy to update on a daily/weekly/monthly/ basis, with new deals and offers.

Monthly Deals

Fillable Online Forms

The website seeks to give the car buyer/leaser a clean and neat look on all his available options, and helping the buyer decide by his own preferences.

The "Online Fillable Form" helps buyers/leasers provide their information without additional downloads sending options.

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