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Schank Academy - offers its students comprehensive online course packages, in the expanding field of Cyber Security and Technology.
Redesign with users in mind - For this project i started working with the clients existing site which was outdated and difficult to navigate due to the large amount of information and detail.
I redesigned the site from top to bottom, focusing on giving a clean and professional look, and making its navigation a piece of (delicious and good looking) cake.

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Rethink Menus

We’ve come a far way from drop down navigation bars, the variety of tools available to a UX designer allows us to get more creative, and create a home page which is exciting and nice, yet user friendly and different.

Since this site has a lot of options and pages, I created a homepage that breaks it down to a few elegant cards, each with its distinctive color, and each representing a different field of knowledge and its sub-categories.

Programs Layout

The visitor will find their way easy through the programs and information about them.
Also, the card solution avoids a never ending scroll.

And of course an application form is available to fill out online at the bottom of each program.

Click on the cards to see the extensions.

Software Development
Do you like building things? Do you like using apps and web sites but keep wanting to change them to work better? Do you like to experiment? You may not have a technical background, be a
Are you driven to solve business and engineering problems? Do you see complexity as a challenge rather than a barrier? You may not have a technical background, be a programmer, or know much s you, the Data Analytics and Big Data Program may be for you.
Do you become completely caught up in finding solutions to difficult problems and puzzles? You don't expect someone to tell you the answer and take pride in figuring things out for yourself. Your search might start with Google, but it doesn't end there.