eCommerce Chocolate Store

eCommerce Chocolate Store


VitaWin Healthy Snacks - Is an online shop where people can buy CBD related products such as chocolate coins, oils, and creams. They also sell yummy chocolate covered fruits.
Vision and work - The website is built to drive sales to the company and provides a window into the factory's products.

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Slider - Product Presentation

As we all know, a website has approx. 20 seconds to present its best before a visitor walks away.
The challenge is not only to keep visitors on the site but rather to make a sale.

Presenting high quality photos and short clear description is just the beginning. The layout and navigation plays a roll and of course a magic touch of color...

Seamless process...

I crafted the way so visitors have a very clear and easy path for choosing the right product, checking out and receiving the invoice; all in the same pattern and design layout.

The website serves at the same time as a promotional website and a store where visitors can buy products online.